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How It Started 

Amid the 2020 lockdowns and restrictions of travel, there was much to contemplate about life. Whether you were looking for funny pictures AKA memes ('back in my day' these were called demotivational pictures, the OG memes) or videos online to lighten up your mood and make a 'LOL.' One thing is for sure, we found ourselves on the Internet more than we should have been. 


Those with fur-kids got to spend much-needed time with them, which brought the ol'light-bulbs sparking on all kinds of silly and outlandish ideas. Believe me, when I say there is yet more to come! 


Of course, at the time, I was wrapping up my graduate program while working part-time. I could land a full-time role despite the uncertainty, and I am extremely thankful for that. Since then, there have been many hardships in our country, and being unemployed at one time, I can understand that frustration and pain. But getting past that negativity is not easy because there is no rock bottom, which makes getting out of that endless pit more critical.


So, I came up with the idea of making silly pictures and posters to bring up some people's spirits to get out of those hardships. Like many other simple things in life, laughter is a dietary essential that is good mentally and spiritually. I was never, still am not great at telling jokes or stories, so PawllyWoodStudios is my creative expression. However, I can't take all of the credit, nor should I, because I draw my inspiration from family, friends, and the world. A much-needed outlet for creativity was needed. So many puns and mixes of wordplay spawned PawllyWood Studios. If anything it's more of a reflective hobby of expression but why not share it. 


I must confess the genesis of my inspiration for the poster lineup came from a video game. Can anyone guess which game? - I'll drop it at the bottom to help avert your eyes from the answer. Now for some clues, if you have no idea. In the game, there were posters for each campaign, a series of grueling missions for survival. Each time you progressed, there would be a punny or whimsical poster while the game loaded the following map. There are +13 posters if memory serves me right. I'd post some photos, but I don't want to get flagged, so I recommend searching them, and you'll hopefully be somewhat amused. 



With all that, I present to you PawllyWoodStudios. I hope it can bring a moment of happiness and pawsitivity for you and your loved ones! 




Answer: Left 4 Dead (L4D)& Left 4 Dead II (L4D2) 


In Memoriam

Always loved and never forgotten. 

A tribute to the best friends of past; you live on through cherished memories and the joy you have brought our family because you were our family.

Rambo               Bazooka

Bruno                 Rocket

Rocky                 Sammie 

Rambo II             Jax

Reximus              Chico

Maximus             Hunter

... and other unamed family 

Thank you and may you rest in Heaven playing carelessly until we’re reunited.

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