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Full Name: Brutus Milo Ohler 

Alias(s): Bruce, Bruticus, Brucious, Milly, Bruce Millis

Birth Date: April 4, 2016

Breed: Pug

Sex: Male

Fur Color: Fawn

Eye Color: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Aries

The Pugliest of Them All! 

Et tu, Brute?

If you have the feeling that someone or something is staring at you from afar or across the room then chances are you're being stalked by Brutus. Following you from room to room whether you're in the bathroom or just out and about. Fail to notice him and he will breathe heavily until you acknowledge his presence. As the breather gets heavier and louder then you know he grows impatient. Continue to ignore and he will cry. Going to the restroom? Not alone you're not, he's there to make sure you don't fall in and you don't have any un-needed snacks at the ready. Past his inquisitive and observant nature, Brutus is gentle and loving. He loves to give kisses in exchange for a nice belly rub or acknowledgment of your affection. Attention is all this love-Pug craves. 

The likes, dislikes, and everything in between!

Brutus is an avid meat eater. If he smells it or hears the wrappers of chicken, beef, and bacon bits, he'll be sprinting to get in on the feast! Whenever out and about at the dog park, he enjoys barking at the other canines to show'em who's the big tough guy in town. But when faced with them, well.. let's just say he's got your six. 

As curious as Brutus is, he is one picky eater! Unless he can confirm it is chicken, beef, or pork you can count on him inspecting and sniffing whatever stands before him. He doesn't eat his greens and cannot stand fish products. Probably for the best since he is allergic to them :( 


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