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Full Name: Julius 'Oreos' Caesar Ohler 

Alias(s): Smeagle, Gollum, The Ninja Goat

Birth Date: February 21, 2019

Breed: Pug

Sex: Male

Fur Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Pisces 




Hoarder? Ninja? Thief? - All of the above!


Have something shiny? You best hide it!

We all had that moment where we ponder where the other sock went. Why there's random sticks and stones under your bed or crevices around the home, a stash of treats within the couch. Rest assured it didn't teleport there, the collector of collectors loves to.. collect all sorts of things he can get ahold of and place them in the most indiscriminate places. The only problem is as soon as Caesar hides something, he already forgot what and where he hid it!


I have the high ground!  

This little Smeagle/Gollum/Doby-like fella is a micro-goat jumping, hopping, and skipping around. He finds comfort and safety on high ground. He enjoys perching himself above ground where he can observe his surroundings but, more importantly, his prospects. And get your attention, of course. Like a Gargoyle atop a building, he searches for his next precious. Like a hawk, once he notices something he wants, he swoops in before anyone can react, albeit a crumb, chewy, or whatever garbage this nimble demon caught his attention. 

The common collection items of choice 

Let's see where to start on this long list.. Chewies, clothing, leaves, socks, sticks. stones, and anything else that fits in his mouth! Not in the bit as picky as Brutus, Ceasar enjoys bacon bits and any leftovers you happen to unwittingly drop. He'll swoop in like a rabid goat and help with cleaning off your plate. He's sneaky and cunning as they come. 

He dislikes anything he can't carry and hide. A shorter list than his likes! 


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