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Full Name: Luna Isabella 'Bella' Ohler 

Alias(s): Princess

Birth Date: August 16, 2017

Breed: French Bulldog 

Sex: Female 

Fur Color: Cream White 

Eye Color: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Leo



The Gentle & Poised Lady of the House!


Loving as can be!

Quiet but loving, Luna-Bella is the jewel of the home. She has a passive and gentle demeanor but welcomes any snuggles. And of course, treats! She watches from behind the scenes as the boys plays, as the fair lady of the house, it's her duty to always be poised. She wouldn't hurt a fly! She has a mother's instinct, checking up on everyone, snuggling with the Pugs, yes she bridges the gap! She even shares her treats, she has a heart of pure gold. 

Shy but inquisitive

Behind her shyness, she enjoys exploring and observing everything that goes on around her. Luna enjoys being where the company is whether it's with people or her fellow canines. She just wants to be loved! She enjoys having her belly rubbed and being held, hugged, or petted. 

Who doesn't like treats?

​​Luna's favorite snacks are bacon bits and milkbones. She'll grab her meal and run to her cave for privacy and nom nom away! As with most dogs, this is where Luna gets protective and because of her passiveness her fellow Frenchies try to take advantage of that. But this princess can stand her ground when she needs to. She's a tough gal! 


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