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Full Name: Olga Nox Ohler 

Alias(s): O'Bear, Olgie, The Ogre 

Birth Date: June 29, 2018

Breed: French Bulldog 

Sex: Female 

Fur Color: Brindle 

Eye Color: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Cancer 


A Kind, Gentle, Four-Legged Tank!


The Diva that has to be the center of attention!

She has a mix of brute beauty and elegance. Solid as a mini-bear, but amiable as a delicate ladybug. Aside from her tough exterior, Olga is affectionate and protective of those around her, but defensive. Rex’s big sister, she is quite patient in dealing with this little growing monster. She is quite tolerable with his shenanigans and horseplay. - Well, what are big sisters for? Keeping a watchful eye from her den on the food to make sure no one takes more than their fair share of the goods.  


She’s lean but not mean. Unless it comes to food and treats

Olga is the gatekeeper of the Halls of Sustenance and the acting matriarch of this cabal of heavy-breathing snorters. Keeping an ever-watchful eye of who comes in and out, but what they take with them. Lurking in from her den on the food to make sure no one takes more than their fair share of the goods; it serves as the watch post where she breaks from her patrols. Inventorying each and every kibble, counting it not twice but thrice! Perhaps it’s to the benefit of the others to make sure they don’t take any extra calories.

A Speed Demon Sprinting across the finish line

She likes to dash across the yard, darting from one point to the next like a cross-fit maniac. No one can outpace this champion of the yard. Using her hind legs to propel her forward like a bull. Charging from point A to point B, you’d best not be in her way or you’d be flat on your buttocks. As learned the hard way from those who dared crossed her path.


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