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My Pet DMV Identification

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Pet Driver's Licenses

We bipeds need to carry identification right? The most common form in North America being Driver's Licenses. So, if I need one, why shouldn't my little furball need one too?

Okay, obviously they won't be driving and it's not a requirement for those with paws. However, it gives value in being entertaining and a memorable way to remember your loved one wherever you go. If you're looking for a funny novelty item, then these 'Pet Licenses' are a great purchase. There are a couple of other alternative pet identification products to purchase from, but I'll focus on MyPetDMV for this review.

What you get in the standard order for $24.95:

  1. One (1) standard-sized Pet ID

  2. Three (3) mini Pet IDs

  3. A metal ring for mini Pet ID

  4. MyPetDMV Sticker

  5. MyPetDMV Social Media card with extra ways to win some additional IDs!

  6. Free shipping!

The Goods!

MyPetDMV offers a great and quality identification card for your pet. They offer two sizes of identification. Below are the specifications directly from MyPetDMV.

  1. Standard Size (wallet-sized): 3.44" x 2.15"

  2. Mini: 1.85" x 1.15"

I. Overall Value

A. Design: It is identical to my Florida Driver's License in length and width, though slightly thinner but only marginally. It's as close to an official driver's license you can get, so if you like your driver's license then you should have no issue liking this pet ID.

You can choose from any of the 50 U.S. states to include Washington D.C. or the Canadian provinces/territories. The plus side to this is, at least for Florida, you can choose the new design or the old design of licenses. I still have the old design but opted for the new ones for my furkids. A good option if you prefer the traditional designs if your state made a horrid update.

Inputting the information is seamless and quick, e.g., address, pet name, sex, DOB, height, etc. You upload a suitable photo of your pet. You want to make sure it's cropped and focus in on your pet's face, at least I did since you cannot when in the upload step. For an additional charge, you can have their editors change the background to blue.

Pawfect: 10/10

B. Material Quality: Made of PVC plastic (I cannot 100% confirm but confident it is) and, as mentioned, it is thinner than my actual driver's license. But it is durable enough to withstand repeated abuse or wear and tear just as good as any identification. Unlike my license, they do not laminate it and I am sure there may be implications for it. The potential for fraudulent use by some bad actors. Just my assumption, but I am satisfied it with the overall material quality. It's not a flimsy piece of PVC

Standard Wear & Tear

Now, I initially placed the small IDs on my furkid's collars and they did end up getting bent and scuffed eventually. The bend occurs where you place the O-Ring. This was to be expected. It's not indestructible. So, my preference is to put them on key chains and backpacks. It would be a great update if they reinforced this area for that particular reason. If you got a small gentle pup, it shouldn't be an issue as opposed to one that is rougher and moves around. These are durable enough for the everyday standard wear and tear. But I will also note my collar where I place these on are the no-choke collars, and the ring on those are located on their chest, making wear and tear more susceptible versus a standard collar. When they lay down, the ID would be on the ground, obviously it will be roughed up. I can only share my experience to be fair to keep that perspective so I wouldn't see any issue should it be put on a standard collar, it's not flimsy whatsoever. I did have extras that I put on their regular collars, I use the no-choke collars when I take them out to the park and keep the regular collars when at home.

Pawfect: 9.5/10

C. Price: As of now, the standard product line is one standard size license and three mini IDs for $24.95 but sometimes they have a sales promotion for placing an order.

At checkout, the additional options are:

1. Double My Order (2 Pet ID Cards) - $6.95

2. Remove the Photo Background (Change to Blue) - $3.95

3. Add Return Address Stickers(x18) - $9.95

4. Add to National List Dog registry - Free

Doubling the order is definitely worth it to me, so I highly recommend doing that to have a spare or extra ID on hand. I haven't used the remove background feature on any of mine. I personally would find it to look odd, but this is a matter of preference. Return stickers are a hit or miss. I got one to see what it would look like and I ended up placing them on my furkid's binder and documents where I keep all the veterinary paperwork. I'm happy with it but depending on your purpose, not sure I can say it's a necessity. Adding my pup's to the National List Dog registry was a straightforward decision and significant feature to have it done altogether.

The kicker to this is, if you have multiple pets, you get an additional 50% off their IDs! I mean, for those of us with multiple pets, it's a luxury to have those savings. Shipping is FREE on ALL orders too! - I am thrifty, even some bargains don't end up being bargains when you get hit with shipping. Another value is offered by going with MyPetDMV. You can also keep an eye out as they often have sales and even offer bonuses for sharing your purchase with family or friends.

Another exceptional value of going with MyPetDMV is that they have a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee. So, that should give you some peace of mind. There's also the FREE SHIPPING! So the price you see is the price you pay, nothing tacked on, everything up front. Usually, the exception is taxing but my subtotal didn't indicate any additional taxes, so that tells me it is either built-in like Value Added Tax (VAT) or they are simply absorbing the taxes. Either way, the price listed is the actual price you pay, no surprises for us thrifty consumers out there.

C. Practicability: It's an ID card, it has the information I need on it, so it does what it's supposed to.

Pawfect 10/10

E. Pet Likability: I don't think when I initially put it on that it caused discomfort or was a hinderance to them. They don't seem to mind when moving about or laying down. I for sure know they don't hate it as they aren't trying to take it off. But I can't give it a rating because if I was a dog, I probably would prefer not wearing a collar versus wearing one.


II. Intended Purpose

So, you're looking for a comical novelty piece for your furkid? Well, the MyPetDMV identification set is for you! It serves its purpose should they get lost and a good samaritan comes along to find your beloved furball. It has all the information on it for them to find you. If that is your intent, this would do just that.

The Company

I have made multiple orders and they do ship from San Clemente, California each time through the United States Postal Service (USPS). So my presumption is that they are made, or at least printed, here in the United States. My last order took a month to ship out, which was irregular. I contacted them several weeks later to check on the status and they were very responsive, providing me updates on when they were working on shipping it out. Because of material supply and the pandemic, there may have been some delays. So, completely understandable, but I appreciate their prompt communication.

Another great aspect of MyPetDMV is that they donate a percentage of their profits directly to animal shelters. I'm happy to hear about companies supporting the community and animals in need. I'm glad I can support a company and a good cause in one way while getting something of value. You can also choose a Pet Rescue of your choice in where to donate the proceeds at checkout.

III. Summary

Pros Cons

- Affordable, especially relative to competition - Not laminated

- Free shipping on all orders - Back of ID is not customizable - Lifetime warranty

- Company supports pet shelters with

percentage of profits donated

- Authentic, quality license appeal

Thug Pug Brutus

IV. Overall Paw Ratings - The Verdict!

As someone who enjoys novelty items such as this, MyPetDMV is Pawfect: 9.8/10. If you are that type of person too, you can't go wrong with snagging a few of these!

I carry my Pet IDs wherever I take them, I have them in my car's compartment as if they need it where they go. I have the mini IDs on my keychain all stacked up as well as on my backpacks and cases. Yeah, I bought a lot to have with me wherever I go; it's a nice aesthetic piece to have to remind me of them when I get dog-sick.

I placed my first order a couple of years ago and made a few additional orders recently. I'm absolutely thrilled with the products. My family and friends have had laughs when I shared the IDs. Even my veterinarian found it comical. Do I plan to place future orders? I certainly do and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a novelty ID for their pet. So go on MyPetDMV and place your order. You won't regret it!

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