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Full Name: Reximus Maximus Ohler II 

Alias(s): Piggy, Porky, Rexinator

Birth Date: August 20, 2020

Breed: French Bulldog 

Sex: Male

Fur Color: Brindle

Eye Color: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Leo




25% Adventurous, 25% Curious, 25% Mischievous, and 25% Stubborn! 


The rambunctious guardian 

Sure he's charming and fearless, but this is one Frenchie who just wants to play. He is always observant of his surroundings and those around him. Inquisitive, watchful yet fearless to what stands before him, he'd take on the world without a second thought. An unknown peculiar sound around the corner? He's the first to head towards the scene while everyone is running in the opposite direction. He's got a small stalky body, charges toward danger like a rhino, and he's got the heart the size of a lion. Rest assured, he walks the bark. 


Gatekeeper of the Halls of Sustenance  

The arbiter of whatever goes into the kitchen. He's at the ready when he hears the rustling of bags or the crumbling of paper to the enticing smell of sustence. Like a Customs Agent screening through your luggage; he scans through groceries, on the lookout for contraband. He'd be willing to look the other way for a bribe. Sniffing and scuttling through bags, there is no hiding goods. He’s looking for his next meal. Even with compensation his hunger may not be appeased and will continue to scour for more. There is no satisfying this insatiable glutton. 

Playtime, all the time 

If you're up, he's up. If you're working, he's playing; if you're watching tv, he's playing; if you're eating, he's playing if you're about to go to sleep, he's playing. This guy got enough energy to power a whole city. His favorite pastime is to torment his two favorite victims, Caesar and Olga. They can run, but they can't hide from this high-energy Frenchie. He loves to grab cartilage and have a chew. Arms, legs, ears, noses, it doesn't matter; if it's in plain view, then it's free game. There is no rest for those who grab this spunky kid's attention, whether it's a doggo or a humie. What about your personal space? It's not yours anymore when this mini-Rhino goes on the prowl for attention and treats. He gets what he wants. 



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